Roundtable Discussion between Friends and Members of the SIDS Coalition for Nature: Connecting the Nature and Climate Agendas

On December 10th at COP28, the SIDS Coalition for Nature organized a ‘closed-door’ Ministerial-level Roundtable Discussion between its SIDS Members and Friends. The main objective of the roundtable event was to catalyze support for the implementation of the Coalition’s recently released “SIDS’ Integrated Nature-Climate Action Roadmap in Coastal Areas: Strengthening Marine Protected Areas as Nature-based Solutions to Climate Action.”

The Roundtable event was co-chaired by the Environment Minister of Samoa and the Climate Change Minister of Belize. The Coalition was honored by the distinguished participation of the Environment Ministers of France, Luxembourg, Monaco, Assistant Deputy Minister of Canada, Director-General of the Environment Ministry of Germany, High-level Representative from the Italian Government, Ambassador of Cabo Verde to the UN, Delegation member of Dominican Republic, the CBD National Focal Points from Cabo Verde and Seychelles, as well as the COP28 Presidency and the CBD Secretariat.

After the official SIDS Roadmap announcements at COP28 and the co-signing of the “COP28 Joint Statement on Climate, Nature and People” by the Coalition on December 9th, the Coalition wanted to organize this ‘privileged follow-up moment’ with its Friends to further detail the SIDS Roadmap’s scope and discuss strategic synergies moving forward.

The Friends of the Coalition unanimously praised the “proactive”, “integrated” and “focused” nature of the SIDS Roadmap. They highlighted a set of promising entry points for synergies and collaboration, particularly ahead of the 4th SIDS Conference (2024) and UN Ocean Conference (2025).

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